Poetry Winner

The Other Woman

    I cannot match up to the other woman. Even after 11 years with this man, I know that I'm not his unfailing love. He has spent his adult life yearning and lusting for the other woman. I'm so lonely I could cry.
    Physically I'm no match for the other woman. She is tall and curved with a honey brown glisten that radiates confidence. I'm pale and heavy set, nothing too special , yet my heart does match my body size.
    The look in my husband's eyes when he first spots her tells all there is to know. He is making love to her with his entire self. I know he has reached an orgasm just by the look in his eyes - the look that I've never received. I'm so lonely I could cry.
    The other woman is a silent thief, suffocating her prey oh so gently, almost willing them to die for her. The unexpecting fool who follows her finds a slow agonizing zombie like life instead of all the wonderful promises that were just too good to be true. Death creeps into her lover and overtakes his life and everlasting soul, slowly chipping away at life's breath and ambition leaving an empty shell void of any real feeling except for her - the other woman.
    You might think - leave!!! Leave him to the other woman. I can't, I'm afraid for his safety for you see that the other woman is a bottle of Canadian Whiskey. She loves him, then leaves him and I must be there to pick him up from his plunge into the dark side. I will never beat out the other woman for my husband's love but I'm afraid that this romance will soon be over.
    You see that I'm fighting a losing battle, her strength and beauty shadow me like an apparition. In this type of fight the good guys don't always prevail, in fact the other woman will always win.
    I'm so lonely I could cry.

    Vicky McClain
    © 1997