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What are Angels...

What are angels you may ask, and the answer is this:
Some think they are myths, they are legends
But they are the souls of the strong, the beloved and the mystical
They are the picture of the pure, the innocent and the biblical
Like our guardians they veil us of trouble
Do their best to protect us from evil
It is the unconditional love when it is them we are thinking of
Like the float of their wings, their presence is tranquil
Over our children they sing, they will take them under their wing
They will guide when you ask, in their warmth you will bask
The light of their friendship will shine in your way
Whenever you need them, any time, any day
So you see my dear friend, all you have to do is believe
And soon, many a love you will receive.

--Sonya Mackell
Rockland, Ontario, Canada


© 1997

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