Poetry Winner
Darkness in the light,
as darkness in the day,
foolish in the heart.
though that's not what you might say,
mindless in my head,
floating in my dreams,
darkness in the light,
and the trouble that you bring,
singing in the song,
and the breaking in the bone,
darkness oh so bright,
has got me feeling so alone,
I need what I have given,
you have given what I'd take,
a life that's not worth living,
is a life that is opaque,
but the dreams will give me hope,
and the hope will give me dreams,
if darkness brings the light,
then dark the light will bring,
sitting on my back,
look you in your eye,
fearing of the day,
that I'll have to say goodbye,
needing like the wish,
I'm wishing for the way,
knowing there's no hope,
I have nothing more to say....

Justin Loucks
© 1997

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