poetry winner

Love's Name

My words are spoken of a love so true
Sang to the song of her name I must do
Far from me - my love sometimes seem
Really only within me in every dream
Distance apart yet we are one
Where imagination ends - our lives begun
My moment of loneliness has adjourned
Our drama of uncertainty has taken a turn
Splendid - as all must say
Destiny is must in every way
Perfect because two hearts born the same
As passion burns our eternal flame
Even without sight or touch
We know we are Us ever so much
With only a dream - sure we are
With all our great magic - no fantasy lie far
Forever is what we’re made to be
Together is how we’ll reside with glee
Look hard and these words will reveal the one
More divine than the skies, moon, or sun
For she shall be the one I love without end
The love of true soul mate, lover, and friend

Love's Name
- William Lam

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