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The War of Adolescence

Clear in my memory, I was once estranged.
My enemies held the callousness of the deranged.
No demur, no solace; my heart was corrupted,
And then all at once, recollections erupted.

My mind mangled, my esteem devalued, I have no one to trust.
I am alienated, no cessation, and I'm left in the dust.
Platoons repudiate my existence, unless I'm the fool,
and Mom and Dad wonder why I despise school.

I am not a bone, you animals, quit gnawing at me.
You have jogged my memory faster than I flee.
I know I am discrepant, grotesque and rotten.
How can I forget when you remind me so often?

I loath you dancing in the storm brewing in my eyes.
I am decomposed, a melancholic delegate; it's myself I despite.
I feel like I could just take my own life in my hand,
But that is not God's intention or what He has planned.

Although I have been oblitered, I cannot obliterate.
I will use no malevolence, no violence, no thirty-eight;
Anxiety, heartache, tribulation; I'll hand you prevention!
No vindictiveness, no pistol, and no frivolous contention.

- Abbie L. Klawitter

The War of Adolescence

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