poetry winner

the rose by joann

Gazing at the rose.. it's beauty your eyes behold
gently.. the delicate.. fragile petals begin to unfold
The essence of it's scent reaches out to embrace
captivated by the fragrance it's path you begin to trace
It beckons to you.. to touch it's velvet softness
anticipation mounts.. as you draw near with tenderness

Lured by the siren song of love it sings
enticed by the fantasies to your mind it brings
The rhythm of your heart is beating like a drum
sensing the intimacy of the moment that is yet to come
Slowly you begin to reach out your trembling hand
as you come to know what only love can understand

Yearning with desire.. until now unknown
the secrets of the rose you wish to be shown
Lost in dreams of pleasure.. enraptured by the thought
forgetting all the lessons.. pain has cruelly taught
Enchanted.. under the magical spell of wonder
doubts and fears have all been put asunder

With only this moment in time as your guide
you know your secret wishes can no longer abide
You have nothing left to loose.. you whisper to your heart
caress and feel the radiant glow.. least it forever part
In closeness.. ever meshing until the union's done
you gaze in ardent fashion.. with the universe become one

You gave without hesitation.. all the love your heart could hold
the secret of the rose.. with it's warmth.. melted the lonely cold
You are complete having felt love beyond all measure
ever will you cherish this moment.. forever will you treasure
Breathless from the encounter.. lost in blissful dreams
the magic of the rose remains a mystery.. so it seems.

- Joann M. Browne

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