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©"Hawk" of Ancaster, Ontario, Canada

I saw the face of God last night
Reflected in the pale moonlight
He looked upon the earth and me
And then upon the shining sea.

I looked up into his eyes
So clear
So blue and oh so wise
He smiled
Then, in a torrent words did flow
Sudden anger for all to see,
Why do you do this thing to me, My Earth, My Stars MY Universe
Mankind you have become a curse, of galaxies you know not of
Distant places out in space, they all despise the Human Race.

It's time you see your Gods to please
To clean your air your ground your seas.
I felt the fire within his soul
And said "Oh God I don't control
Those in power upon this earth of which I know we have a dearth".
He replied sardonically
Remove the "r" thats what you'll have
For just how long we hold your hand is not for you to understand.
Benign to you I am right now, but when the solar winds do blow
Directions change, mankind may feel the flow

A sad and touching smile I saw
Fly 'cross his face
And I too, did despair for the Human Race
The reflection rippled and was gone
So I must alone now journey on, his weight to carry
His words to heed
And with this poem so plant the seed.
'Tis time for me to go my way
Before our tomorrows

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