poetry winner

Echoes whisper from the distance
Challenging me, 'come and dance'
Hovering on the brink of loneliness
Offers like this so hard to repress
Evening evolves into velvety night
Silently drawn, into a new delight

Through passages unfamiliar I drift
Highway's promise to enchanted gift
Realms glistening in trophies bold
Overtly inviting remembrance old
Unlimited pleasures promise to come
Guilt and desire all rolled into one
Hastily we dance in seductive duet

My partner and I have only just met
Young and astral he makes me feel

Mind seduce and soul doth steal
In a trice, I collapse at his feet
Now concede my life's retreat
Death has been swift he was not un-kind
An apparition Echoes Through My Mind

- Terri A. Hateley
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