Contest Winner!
©Dina Chowdhury of California, USA

What happens to words unspoken?
Are they forgotten like the dreams of the past,
Or are they hidden in the household dust?

What happens to feelings unfelt?
Does it run around inside an inflated balloon,
Or does it lie inside an unsheltered cocoon?

What happens to thoughts unexpressed?
Does it sleep inside an imaginary castle,
Or does it fester like an unwanted hassle?

What happens to emotions unsaid?
Do they disappoint you like burdened dreams,
Or do they sting you like amputated limbs?

What happens to a touch untouched?
Does it melt down like liquid ice-cream,
Or does it taste like a frustrated scream?

What happens to a kiss unfinished?
Does it rot inside an uninhabited cave,
Or is it whipped like a mistreated slave?

What happens to love lost?
Does it drip like a jagged drop of tear
Or does it pulsate in your head like a forbidden fear?

What happens to things undone?
Is it draped with a yearning memory,
Or is it dressed in hopeless scenery?

What happens to never occurring happenings?
Does it get stuck in a shoe with no sole,
Or does it fall into a godless hole?

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