Angelwing's SMILES4U: Poetry Corner: SIMPLE BEAUTY by Patricia Hall
Poetry Winner


Why do we all hurry by,
as time on wings does fly?
All beauty is in simple things,
Not silver, gold, jeweled rings.

What is a simple, beautiful thing?
The small, black sparrow on the wing.
Against the pale wintry skies
With grace and ease he flies.

Softly falling rain, new-mown hay,
a glowing sun greets the day.
Walks under a fluorescent moon,
Silken spider webs, spun in June.

Crystal beauty of snowflakes blowing-
Lonely tones of cattle lowing.
Crashing sounds, fierce Ocean waves,
Cool darkness of underground caves.

So many simple things I can name-
That in our lifetime, remain the same.
God in his Wisdom created all these--
How could he do so with such ease?

Johnathon, the Seagull knew,
As to the Heavens he flew,
if Man would only stop and wait-
for the simple things to appreciate.

Patricia Hall

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