Lady Poppy
©Michael J. Grow of Bradford, Ohio

Lady Poppy stands so proud
adorned in her velvet gown so green
atop her head is a veil of orange
for of the flower garden she is queen.

The new day's sun makes her glimmer
and the gentle breeze begins to blow
the music of the wind starts to sing
for now she starts to dance to and fro'.

Evening begins to close the day
and the village of flowers start to sleep
her neighbors' blossoms start to fold
for now she begins her watchful keep.

Early morning visits this quiet garden
and sprinkles a bath of dew
to revitalize them for the coming day
for each of them will feel fresh and new.

Now dawn is peeping through the dark
and the heavens turning light
tiny flowerheads begin to awake
for it is daybreak sun so bright.

All the flowers are standing so tall
but Lady Poppy's head is bowed down
the pansies, petunias, and marigolds chatter
for why is Lady Poppy wearing a frown?

Softly she speaks in almost a whisper
her veil drooping and starting to bend
and everyone awes her and feeling the chill
for Lady Poppy's reign is nearing the end.

Standing now as she never did before
looking down on all of her peers
she weeps to them her royal wisdom
for they know she comforts their fears.

With only a single petal as her veil
she sees herself on the ground
and death is but not afar
for the single petal is now drifting slowly down.

A distant voice from the heavens is heard
as a message is told of the coming spring
Lady Poppy will return to you then
for her children to you I will bring.


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