poetry winner

The winds of time, forward they blow
The past is behind, a blink long ago
If time stood still, forever and a day
Would you change, what would you say?

Have you lived your life, the best you can?
Or do watch each grain of sand?
If you could hold yesterday in your heart
Would it be different, right from the start?

We cannot change, what is in the past
But we can make the future last
I will make a wish to heaven so bright
Not to regret, but to show insight

I will climb higher, every mountain I see
No more locked hearts, I will find the key
I will savor the flavor of a ice cream cone
And read deeper,every word of a poem

I will smell each flower, growing so strong
And hugs will be tighter within my arms
Singing louder, shouting out with glee
And a smile more smiles, for all to see

I will listen to the crickets, that keep me awake
I will see my reflection pooling in the lake
I will laugh while the grass tickles my feet
And count my lucky starts before I sleep

No regrets, no changes, the past is past
Today's a new dawn, new wonders to grasp
Join hands, pray for the joy within our reach
We can be anything, just pause, look and seek

- Donna Dite

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