Poetry Winner


The soul of a man is like the line of time.
You never know when or where it might end up.
To look in to your dreams and see yourself
looking back at you is like the wonder of the
heavens in the sky.

To wonder if the path we take is the right one or the
wrong one we will never know until we go down that path
to see what is waiting there for us to see.

The dreams a man has but do not understand will come to him
in time like the fine lips of a lady beside him as he
walks down his path in time.

It is hard for a man to talk about what is going on inside
of him or to tell the love of a lady just what he cares for,
but in time she will look into his eyes and see his soul
and she will know what he is saying to her.

To take the chains from his heart and soul one link at a
time she will then know the man inside.

Donald Smith