fem1.jpg (19215 bytes)A Beauty So Bright
As I gazed from afar at a beauty so bright,
She smiled and laughed with a childish delight.
The air through her hair like the wind through a kite,
I dreamt and I wished that I might kiss her goodnight.

Then one day her life was unstable,
And to help her I was not sure I was able.
The pain that she felt, I felt it too,
But alas I was not sure what to do.

With sincere indecision I was without hope,
And could not think with this how to cope.
I wanted to help as much as one could,
Yet always wondered whether I should.

Then one day the Lord showed me light,
And told me help that beauty so bright.
His love for her he passed on to me,
And with this new strength came light for to see.

I now knew what task was before me at hand,
And it all went far better than I could ever have planned.
First it was friendship that I offered best,
And from thence came love that tops all the rest.

Now do I wait in wondrous delight,
Will forever I be with that beauty so bright?
Oh, how I hope and I pray it to be,
That someday she will, be wed unto me.

I know it's too early to tell this for sure,
And that the love of weds must be oh so pure.
But let me assure you of one certainty,
The love I have for her, is felt genuinely.

All that remains to be seen is just this,
Will my life be filled with her wondrous kiss?
Will our lives be filled with endless wed bliss?
With God's grace the means, of keeping us this.

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