Angelwing's SMILES4U: Another Time by Jennifer Deane
Poetry Winner


He's got his hat pulled down around his ears
and his eyes are focused on his shoes
her collars up around her neck
and the volume of her voice just grew
the green parkbench fades away
as their eyes pierce through the sky
he's picking at the peeling paint
and she looks like she's starting to cry

Leaves are dropping off the trees
as his hopes start spiralling down
her eyes are trying to lift his up
as her feet are meeting firmer ground
his hands are clasped behind his head
and his mind is starting to fade away
the wind is whistling to the west
as he's wishing for another day

Her eyes are looking through him now
and her hands unconcioulsy fiddling
he's looking at her withdrawn face
and trying to solve her riddling
his feet are rythmically tapping
as he's searching for a sign
her thoughts seem to be so far away
as if she's searching for another time

Jennifer Deane
BC, Canada

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