Angelwing's SMILES4U: Thoughts by Linda Coons

As I spend each alone...


As I spend each day alone
with nothing but my thoughts
I tend to think about the things
I somehow have forgot

The tin box full of buttons
that grandma use to keep
going barefoot in the summertime
with the grass beneath my feet

Slamming of the old screen door
each time the wind blew hard
thoughts of playing hide and seek
in the backyard after dark

The buttons have all disappeared
along with grandma's tin
summer fades away the chance
to go barefoot once again

I will no longer hear the slamming
with the blowing of the wind
the old screen door lays broken
in the backyard I played in

Many things in life have changed
becoming nothing but my thoughts
what always will remain the same
are the things I have forgot

Linda Coons
© Copyright 1997

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