Carol Collins
   Sun finger-painted the
   tawny skin of his lover, Earth,
   with melted gold, centuries old,
   antiquing sand and surf.

   Ocean, jealous, sprayed
   aqua glitter in his eyes;
   with swaying hips and liquid lips,
   caught him by surprise.

   Earth reveled in his beauty,
   submissive in her stance,
   drenched in blue, she took her cue
   in undulating dance.

   She pressed her suntanned toes
   on Ocean's heaving breasts,
   she ripped her gown, pushed her down
   and rode her rising crests.

   Sun clapped his hands in wonder,
   delighted at the show,
   then shot his beams, gold-drenched dreams,
   like arrows from a bow.

   Earth and Sun and Ocean,
   united in their core,
   lay entwined in soul and mind
   to rest, then play once more.
  Matte Elsbernd