Angelwing's SMILES4U - Spring's Love by Clay Christy
Poetry Winner

Spring's Love

Love is a strange, the way it revolves and evolves in life,
dealing with the joy, and pain, and strife.
From the glassy eyes, to the painful sighs,
love is what we all need to survive.

Love is wonderful, the way it makes us feel,
taking us round and round in life, like a never ending wheel.
From the April showers, to the sun of may,
love draws us closer to the real world every day.

The grasshopper sits on his perch to watch,
the flowers as they bloom in march.
Ever wondering why they come,
ever wondering where they come from.

Love is peculiar, it comes and goes,
love sticks through the highs, and lows.
Days may come and nights may go,
but love will stay, when minds say no.

Clay Christy