Poetry Winner

Conquering the Dragon Within

The dragon within slumbers lightly
guarding our fears deep inside
Sometimes the dragon awakens
letting out the things we wish to hide.

Darkness creeps into your bedroom
casting shadows of monsters on your wall.
Turn your light on quickly and banish the dragon
before the tears can fall!

The dragons breath glows through your window
but it is only lightning in the sky
Silence the dragon within you
take a breath, let out a sigh.

You hear the dragon's roar
but it is only thunder in the night
cuddle down beneath your covers
everything will be alright!

You are the master of the dragon,
and can beat him at any game
Turn around and face him
draw your sword...put out the flame!

The dragon within slumbers lightly
guarding the fears you hold inside
but if you banish them quickly...
there will be nothing left for him to hide!

Joy Casaus