Angelwing's SMILES4U - Ode to Friends by Cindy Campbell
Poetry Winner

Ode to Friends

    Friend, Friend, Friend.
    My need for them shall never end.
    They help you through your sorrows,
    When you have a broken heart to mend.

    Friends are like sun,
    Friends are like rain,
    They always keep you smiling,
    They wash away your pain.

    Friends are my family,
    A sister or brother,
    No matter what happens,
    We all have each other.

    When I go abroad,
    Off to London, Paris, or Rome,
    My friends will be close to me,
    They'll make me feel like I'm home.

    Friends are like vitamins,
    You have lots, you stay healthy.
    If you have lots of friends,
    Who cares if you're wealthy?

    It's too bad this poem must come to a close,
    Yet this is where my story ends.
    Just remember: No matter where you go in life,
    You will always need your friends.

    Cindy Campbell
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