Lips of Red
by David L. Brown

I reached out to hold you, you're no longer there,
No subtle breast, no silky golden hair.
My tear stained pillow, upon which I lay my head
No arms to hold me, no lips of red.

I search in the darkness of my inner life,
Missing my soul mate, I end in strife.
Chaotic are my thoughts, robotic my deeds.
No love to answer, my heart filled needs.

You left in the night, quietly you fled
Took with you my soul, and your lips of red.
I heart and eyes cry tears of remorse.
My life now altered, I have no chartered course.

There is no answer from your pictures on the wall.
Two days have passed, no nights have you called.
I sense no returning to my heart which you own
I have not a prayer the love that has grown.

I have not a clue to why you took your leave
I pass not a moment in which I fail to grieve
I remember our talks in the night, the things you said
The words of sweet passion from your lips of red.

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