poetry winner

Sunshine and Shadows, seem to fill the air
Drifting and Dreaming, of my knight so fair
Tapestry's sew, threads of life's desires
Maping futures, working for hours

Pearls and Lace, so delicate and sweet
Emeralds glisten, my treasures to keep
I'd empty the chest, give it all to the poor
To just hear his footsteps, enter my door

Bells are ringing, from great valleys beyond
I'm wishing he hear's, our nightengale song
The music of our lives, so dear to my heart
Plays sonnets of passion, that never will part

Great feasts are set out, upon the halls so dim
Lamb, pottage, apricots, where do i begin?
To nourish my body, only one thing is needed
A kiss from his lips, and my life's completed

My bath is drawn, the mist of the steam
Ripples my skin, heat now can be seen
Almost as fervid, as his simple touch
Sends me quivering, I'm pineing so much

Slipping over my head, a white linen sheath
My pink shimmering body, needing only relief
Under the covers, try to ease this need
Thoughts of him, I twist , I plead

Relax I say, be still, my pacing heart
Close my eyes, let dreams begin to start
View visions of lovers, floating over my head
Drift off to slumber, dream he's here in my bed

He is pressing his body, tightly against my skin
A breath of fresh air, I take deep from within
A smile releases, his hands entwine my hair
Still drifting and dreaming of my knight so fair
- Donna Benish

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