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The Good Stuff

Wouldn’t it be so great,
To try just one smoke?
To inhale from the cigarette,
Just a puff?

This is the "good stuff",
After just one puff.
My "best friend",
Would be so proud,
Just one cigarette,
To prove me cool.

So, at a young age,
I took this one puff,
Of the "really good stuff".
At only 10 years old,
My "friends" smoked out in the cold.
My "friends" said it was great.
They stayed up late,
Just to steal a cigarette,
From a smoking family member.

They showed me this object,
With such great of ease.
For it was "the good stuff"
The kind of stuff I’d need.
I took a small puff,
So I would be into the crowd.

To my shock and dismay,
It didn't normally go this way.
For I coughed, I choked,
I cried out loud,
The smoke from a single cigarette,
Triggered an asthma attack.

So I coughed,
I choked,
I cried inside.
My "friend" went to my bag,
And pulled out my inhaler.
So I took a puff.
This was the good stuff.
It kept me alive.

- Andi
Virginia, USA

Just a Puff

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