Angelwing's SMILES4U - Special Feature: The Next Thousand Years by Nancy Anna Blitz

Lucky we are
To live in this time
As this century closes
And we leave behind

More than one century
A millennium of years
Our history is filled
With blood, sweat and tears

It's time to move forward
Leave the past behind
A new era approaches
Please let's make it kind

I look back and see
All the death and destruction
Our time is now
To begin the construction

A new way of thinking
Of what we could be
A golden opportunity
Is laid at our feet

The next thousand years
Depends upon us
Destiny is crying
So please don't stop trying

Just take one moment
Think what you could do
To propell into motion
Peace, love and devotion

Make it a time
When all can look back
And thank us for changing
The sorrows of our past

Lifting the spirit
Of this human's race
Take this advantage
Help slow down the pace

Create a new way
To live, love and play
We can learn from the past
And make this new way last

Nancy Anna Blitz

Designed by Angelwing