When people ask me what I do all day
Now that the children are grown up and gone,
I smile at them, and then go on to say
The many things I put my mind upon.

I think of days gone by when they were young
And gather the possessions that they had,
And then divide them equally among
The memory boxes that were built by Dad.

I take time to think back to yesterday,
And wonder if the love I gave them then
Will help them through the problems of today,
When I no longer can be there with them.

I look at picture albums, one by one,
Fondly remembering each occasion
Back in the days when simple things were fun -
(Forming in my mind a re-creation)

Remembering our time together brings
A wealth of things to do, or so I find.
The days fly by, and sometimes my heart sings
With precious memories locked within my mind.

- Catherine M. Prostak

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Precious Memories
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