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In a Dogs Life

How wish I could be there with you now,
But I'm here now and know I will see you again.
Living with you the were best years of my life.
I couldn't have asked for anything more.

When you came into my life,
I was sure it was for a good reason.
For what could be better than a master like you.

I know when I left you your heart was broken,
but I swear if I could, I'd be with you now.
I don't understand it, but maybe you do,
why oh why can't I be there with you.

I look down upon you and see things have changed.
Your sadness hurts me, so don't let it last.
I'm happy up here with all my friends,
but would be happier if I were with you,
But I can't be there, so i'll stay in your heart.

Don't be sad, because things are fine.
Where I am now is a wonderful place,
it's full of friends that had masters like you.
When you feel sad, think of the good times we had together,
For when I get sad, I think of you!

You ask yourself, why oh why did I have to go,
It's because it was my time to leave you
so you could give your love to somebody new.
Another dog needs you,so just take that first step.
I don't mind, because I know your love will make him happy, as it did me.

I hope these words help you to understand,
that the world needs more masters just like you!
Good bye for now, till we meet again.
I can't wait until we're together again,
To walk together into the light where we will be together,
never to be apart again.

-By Kevin Dietrichsen