"Anniversary Gift to Subscribers"

Every thing was wonderful there
once not so long ago
it always has been my favorite place
and that is why I still go
and spend time there when ever I can
I love The Amazon so
but things are not the same anymore
and I wanted you all to know

First they came for the rubber tree
and they ruined everything
they pushed the Indians deeper into the jungle
raped their queens, and killed their kings
of course that was before my time
but to this day the Indians still tell the sad tale
of what the rubber barons did
and why everything is for sale

Then they came to dig up the ground
and mine for a rock called gold
so many Indians lost their life
so many were bought and sold
they moved a large mountain of dirt
by digging one shovel at a time
the search for gold is another story to be told
what is happening there over gold is a crime

I was there when they came to cut tress down
and to rape Mother Earth
they have no idea at all
what a jungle is worth
it's just an oxygen factory
I heard one of the workers say
as I turned to get in my boat
to go up stream and stay far away

They came in great numbers
to chase the Indians away
from the place that they lived
and worked, and played that sad day
I was there to find out
the magical secrets of dawn
I knew the village would be burnt down
and soon all the trees would be gone

I sat in the boat and looked back at the men
lighting fires and cutting down trees
I started to get sick to my stomach
and very weak in the knees
I never felt so helpless
there was nothing I could do
this kind'a thing happens every day
in The Amazon I'm telling you it's true

They sell the wood to build the homes
that of course make up the town
all day long the men will work
and cut a lot more trees down
it's so insane I'm telling you
this can't go on too long
they have no idea what they're doing
they hear the sirens song

Nothing will ever be the same there
now that the modern world has settled in
some people think it's a good thing
but me I think it's a sin
to see what's going on down there
destruction all around
they tear down an Indian Village
another acre has been mowed down

It's time you came to your senses
and try to understand
that the jungle is there for a reason
it's all part of Mother Earths plan
to make this planet safe for us
and to give us all fresh air
I think it's time you changed your mind
and finally started to care

Of course I'll go back there again
after all I still know a few
places that are still the same
as they were when they were new
and the whole earth was a garden
what a place the earth must have been
think about what man has done to her
I tell you it is a sin

- 2000 Jim Nasium

Designed by Angelwing