Thy Will Be Done

Don't you get it?
Don't you see?
Here's the truth;
it's up to you and to me.

From the beginning
and including today,
amid wars and confusion
we've had it our way.

This life, as we know it,
from one age to the next,
has been our will and our choice,
so let's quit the pretext.

Our prayer, from God,
says "Thy Will Be Done."
Alpha, Omega,
your choice had begun.

It's not a question, from God,
beseeching your affections,
but a statement, of fact,
giving you directions.

Thy Will Be Done
means just what it says.
Your will, not God's,
will control all your days.

Thy Kingdom Come, too,
gives us great wisdom,
for inside of these words,
our future's been written.

This prayer, simply put,
tells us the way it is.
God's will is our will,
so let's make ours his.

The sooner we do this
the better off we'll be,
and when we remember,
we'll fulfill prophecy.

It's your choice, don't you get it?
There's noone else to blame.
You can change what you will
or it will just stay the same.

Take a look at your thoughts
and see where they take you.
Was it your choice to get mad
or did someone else make you?

It's all there, don't you see,
deep down in your soul.
Where your will meets God's will
is in your control.

As our prayer continues
and we forgive or are tempted,
did you hold on to that grudge
and leave your brother exempted?

God's Law is quite simple
from the corrected perspective.
Forgiveness, by itself,
is His one true directive.

That's it, in a nutshell,
let go of the past.
Or else that chip on your shoulder
will last and will last.

Forgiving your brother
for the sins he does trespass
will show you yourself
and provide your one Holy repast.

God hears all the prayers
from all of our voices,
yet God wills us our freedom
and supports all our choices.

Salvation is yours
once you decide to fulfill it.
Forgive yourself all your sins
and then simply just Will it.

Someday we'll find that
when all's said and done,
and this is ironic as hell, but,
we've been in Heaven all along.

-By Douglas James Crandall