Special Angel

Sometimes a special angel is chosen to come here
To be a part of our lives, to fill our hearts with cheer.
To walk among us everyday
At home, at work, at church, at play
To touch our lives with kindness, to teach us how to love
To be a beacon for us, to Heaven up above.

They only stay a little while, Sometimes days or years.
Our lives seem empty when they go; our eyes are filled with tears.
Our hearts and dreams lie shattered like eggshells on the floor,
But God opens windows when He closes doors.
In their lives is a message of faith and hope and power
Believe this even in your darkest weakest hour
Death has no mastery over us when we believe in Him
Death is a beginning, death is not the end.

Eternal life His promise, He told us this is true.
Believe in God and serve Him well and He will care for you.
He will give you peace when your tears begin to flow,
He will touch your heart, so deep inside you know
The one you thought was lost, is not really lost at all,
They have just gone on before in heed of Heaven's call
Gone to God in Heaven where they will safely be
Until the Faithful join together for eternity.

Written In Memory of Lisa Marth....A Special Angel

In tribute to all the Special Angels who have touched our lives.

- Cynthia J. Mackenzie

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Special Angel
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