How Shall I Deal with this Man?

I sit by the shore,
Anxious and brooding,
Watching the white of
The surging sea.
I observed the boulders
It easily tossed
Over the usually
Dry, oh, so dry,
Scorched, brown patch
By me----

I thought of the power,
The very might of
The foaming sea,
And thought:
"Oh, mighty sea,
Will you help me
To deal with this man?"
To my suprise
The ocean replied
To my unvoiced question,
Having read the
Barely conscious thought:

"Shall I toss him,
And twist him;
Give him full power of me?
Will it ease you
If I shred him
Into pieces,
As you saw me
To do to yon palmtree?"

Foaming white upon
The ever-surging
Blue wave,
The crest of it
Settled for awhile,
While I pondered
Upon this drastic solution.
Slowly shaking my head,
Regretfully, I fear,
I carefully replied,
Choosing my words:

"Thank you! But no,
The problem is mine,
You can see--
He's a man,
Unaided by any,
The likes of you.
If aid you wish,
So do it by
Showing your concern
By a soothing sound
Of a lullaby
In my ears as I
Strive for my rest at nights---
The rocking of the waves,
licking on a'a,
Or pahoehoe,
Is music upon my soul,
And healing to my spirit!"

The crest of
White foam
Swelled boastfully tall
On the largest
Surfer's wave of the day.
The ocean showed it's
most beautiful
Blue-green colors,
And answered thus:

"I'd have lent you
My power,
My might and my all.
You've asked me for little,
A pittance, I feel!
That's what your wish is,
And I shall obey,
But will stand you guard,
And see you be safe!"

At this the sea formed
A most wondrous
Curve of salute,
With a waterful
Display of white foam,
And Green flash,
A design on the ocean blue,
And gracefully
Retreated to the
Mysterious, unknown
Origins of the
Deep seas' birth---------

How shall I deal with this man??
I shall continue
To love him.....

- Ami Anderson


Designed by Angelwing
Background by Marie