Oh sitting in her rocking chair

Make me reflect, watching her there

She's seen so much of the world change

And lived it all through joy and pain

My heart does beam when I see her face

She taught me to grow with love and grace

Sometimes I wandered away from her plans

But she stored so much wisdom within her hands

No great glories will call her name

She wasn't a reacher of riches and fame

But simple life and family

Is all her world needed to be

Within this woman I see passion flow

A gift she gave me this I know

Sometimes I think , How can this be?

So much of my mother inside of me

So thank you mother for my birthday

For showing me to soar and go my way

For guidance and wisdom given for so many years

For love and encouragement and even tears

For when you still hold me with in your arms

And still try to shelter me from any harms

I know How much you taught me just from love

And now I smile and thank the Lord from above

Donna Benish
© 2000